The IoT Design Deck is a method for the co-design of connected products. It can be used to help multi-disciplinary teams to co-design products or services that use one or more IoT features.
Through different tools  and techniques it guides the teams from the idea generation to the definition of the main characteristics and boundaries of a project. Using a deck of cards and serious-games techniques, it helps professionals with different backgrounds to speak a common language and to focus on the User Experience rather than on the technical aspects.


01 Design

Define the concept and refine your project using the fundamentals of UX.
Think about the people that will use or be affected by your product (active/passive users, installators etc...) and turn them into personas.

Analyze the contexts in which your personas will use your product/service. Have a special focus on the constraints and the contextual needs. Then, imagine and describe the innovative functions that makes your project a success, and the related touchpoints that allows people to connect with your product/service.
You're one step ahead!

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02 Facilitation

Sketching and writing the ideas and the main elements of the projects on the cards and play with them, help you and visualize its different aspects as:
- User Journey;
- System Map;
- Touchpoint matrix.
There are also "reference" cards, with important information as opportunities, threats, technologies explained in an easy way, to help multidisciplinary teams work together speaking the same language. In a co-design workshop, the facilitator could use the cards to help teams to focus on opportunities and threats or to generate new ideas.

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03 Prototype

Design and prototype the "behavior" of your products. How will people use it? How will be their relation with it? Does it fit the constraints of the specific context of use? There are two set of reference cards about input/output strategies (oriented to action/perception mechanism) to help non-experts to discover new possibilities.

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Play with the Deck

You have two minutes to invent a service that uses the input and output described in the cards. Be bold! (refresh page to get new cards)


Random Input One

Random Input Two


Random Output One

Random Output Two


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